River of Joy base from the road

River of Joy base from the road
Picnic Patio goes to work

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Waiting for Tolik

When it gets 'round to building season I can spend money faster than most women! (sorry). This morning Tolik was on his way up to a small village in the Krasni Gvardieskaya (Red Guard) region where he grew up. He needed to visit his aunt who raised him as a mother would. She has gotten ill and Tolik feels some satisfaction in looking after her, a kind of return on her emotional investment in him. He and I traveled together on the bus to Simferopol. He wanted to help me purchase a water pump from a store I know that specializes in such items.

We chose a pump that purports to be somewhat more powerful than our last one which has broken down for good after only two years. That occurance reminded me of my maternal grandfather's pump that supplies much water to his orange orchard. As I recall it worked for at least 10 years. Well I am hoping this new one will do better than 2 years. The increas in power makes me hope that once we have it installed I shall be able to take a real shower that amounts to more than a fast drip. We did spend some time talking with the store manager, explaining the job it has to do. Now to see if we got the message across. Tolik wants to save me money on the installation. That is good as I wound up having to chip in on his trip to see his aunt. Oh well.

Tolik will hopefully use the money for a visit tomorrow to a guy up there who has some paving bricks . If he can get me 4600 quallity clean aged 12.5 cm X 25 cm bricks for a grevna each and a cheap delivery, I shall be pretty well set up for paving the picnic area that we need in order to do two children's camps this year. Then I need to design the canvas market umbrellas and picnic tables, the ballustrade and lighting...lots of drawing...OBOY!

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  1. It brightens my day to read how ROJ is coming along. I am sure it brings a smile to your face too. Do you have plenty of help for construction? Do you need camp volunteers?