River of Joy base from the road

River of Joy base from the road
Picnic Patio goes to work

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I just returned from Simferopol. Yesterday I fast hiked almost a kilometer up our Burulcha creek road to the bus stop at Mezhgorie to catch the 7:25 AM bus to town. as usual it was standing room only full before we left the Belogorsk region, but I did get a seat. I got to town, bought some groceries to augment my stay with Dr. Wil Turner, the octogenarian apologetics missionary I usually stay with when I am in the Capital. I buy groceries out of self preservation. Will tends to buy cereal grains and beans, then cook them all together in one gelatinous mass. It is not to die of but it is not for anyone with a taste for real food. I am the designated cook when I visit and Wil likes it that way so we get along OK.

About noon the bank sent me an SMS showing the international Bank Transfer from Mike Longhi of River of Joy International had arrived in our account. I paused and made lunch, then got over after the noon break and got the money.  I paid back Wil's loan that helped me take delivery on some mission tile for this summer's building at river of Joy site here at Ovrashki. Then I fellowshipped on the internet last night at Wil's. I can do internet faster in his city basement than my country canyon. I slept like a baby on Wil's broken couch and caught the 9 AM bus East on time. Got off in Krim Rosa and blessed a 3 year old with cancer with healing and money for his hard stretched parents. I was waiting for a bus at the Krim Rose bus stop when a private car stopped and gave me a FREE ride to Belogorsk. Hmmm, "Give and it shall be given you...." In Belogorsk
I bought a few groceries and paid a little over a hundred bucks for 800 more mission tile. I caught a cab home and the driver's questions lead to a chance to witness for the Lord all the way home.

After a nap Tolik brought me a hand full of parts that used to be our water pump at the center well. Tomorrow morning I plan to go to Simferopol again and buy a new, hopefully better, pump. Lenur stopped in and greeted me. I hadn't seen him since I returned from the States. Lenur is a Crimean Tatar...a good worker and a happy friendly guy as well. We talked about the Spring building we need to do before camps start. As soon as I can take delivery on paving brick we will start the picnic area. Plenty of work and money needs just ahead...sigh :-) Well I have to catch that 7:25 bus again tomorrow...its time to stop and go to bed.   ~

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