River of Joy base from the road

River of Joy base from the road
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tax Time Blessings

Today is April 14. This morning I took the 7:25 bus back to Simferopol. My first purpose this AM was to figure out why I went through so much money using the Mobile Internet Modem. It cost me 400 grevna (about $50) in just a few days! My favorite MTC mobile store has bit the dust. I went to the central store where you take a number and spent 40 minutes waiting for help. (This is why it has not been my favorite store). They said I had been using the wrong system. I told them I had always chosen the cheaper one but the techy seemed to think I was lying or stupid or something. He did something with my computer...not much. I renewed my account (another $200 grevna) and went off, saying I would be back if there were no changes, a stipulation to which he agreed. 

Two days ago in Belogorsk had I topped off the same account, got a haircut and bought a few groceries, then fixed up a deal with the Post Office to call me if a parcel comes in. Later I got a ride home with Ibrahim. He is a good looking Tatar who has a gift of business in spite of a stammer. He wanted to come to work for me. I gave him a building materials request. 

Just the previous evening I had heard from brother Roman, a roofer, that the mission tile (Tatarski Cheripitza) we have been using is now selling for 10 grevna each ($1.25) in the city! I have never paid more than 1 grevna each and hope never to pay so much as 10 grevna each. 

That price news concerned me of course, so I told Ibrahim "I need more mission tile" and gave him my top price...."1 grevna each." Last night he called, said he had 2000 tile lined up and asked for payment. I didn't have the money for so many just now. Later he called and said the amount (from a demolition) is actually 2500 tiles! I called Dr. Wilson Turner and arranged for a personal loan to pay Ibrahim until money comes in. Today, while I am/was in Simferopol he delivered the first half of the tiles. They apparently have more of a ekru (yellowish) tint than most others we have used. We will mix them with the redder terracotta ones that we have already and it will look real nice on the roof. We are using mixed colors for the window border designs anyway. Tomorrow morning, Lord willing, I will check them over and make payment. 

Today I talked with Lena Venomenovna on Skype, told her how much I have been sleeping with jet lag this time. She said she also has sleep problems when she doesn't pray. She says we are in a real spiritual war. I agree, I do need to pray more. Some other travelers say it often takes as long as a week to get over the 10 hour time difference from California. I am almost back to normal now. 

Wil says the radiation from Japan is getting worse. He recommends a visit to www.stevequayle.com to learn more. 


  1. Hey, GREAT. So glad you are starting to blog. I will bookmark your blog and if you don't hear from me in a while remind me to read it!!! I will thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures and successes. Sorry I missed talking to you when you were here. There aren't enough hours in the day!!!

  2. Congrats Laurel on being my very first blog commenter. Down deep I knew that blogging would increase my readership. I feel like a kid with a new toy.