River of Joy base from the road

River of Joy base from the road
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Monday, April 11, 2011


I have wanted and prayed for a Blog for years. Now I have one! I must learn how to attach it to our www.riverofjoy-crimea.org website next. I suppose it will not be hard. This enablement was quite likely an answer to the prayer of 
a spiritually gifted young lady who I am fellowshipping with on the telephone often since I have returned to Ukraine. Let me explain.

Yesterday, Sunday, the 10th of April 2011 I was at Wil Turner's place doing 
my first high speed internet since my return to Ukraine from the States. 
I had been sleeping in huge and various blocks of time since my return to 
River of Joy site in Ovrashki on the 7th, experiencing serious jet lag and fatigue simultaneously. In short I had really needed some rest.

On that day I had at last gotten enough rest to take the bus into town, get my internet subscriptions renewed, met with my old friend Pastor Valentine Ivanov briefly. Then, shortly after a long walk up Wil's hill with a load of groceries, greeting my octogenarian friend and settling into his basement flat with my now connected computer helping me connect to mother, Judy, and others, 
Lena Anatolievna called me from Donetsk. 

She wanted to share her anointing, her joy, after the Holy Spirit had used her in affecting several miraculous healings of people with serious illnesses. The conversation was not entirely comprehensible as she was obviously spiritually inebriated. She did manage to pray God would heal my legs, or rather command their healing along with all other physical issues I shared...i.e. eyes. 

I remember my own euphoria when I first encountered God's power and presence first hand. At a time like that the words, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." takes on fresh meanings. 

Lena said she was drunk with the Joy of the Lord as she continued. She asked the Lord to fill my cup to overflowing and increase my effectiveness in the Lord's kingdom. I began to experience a series of shocks. The presence of the Lord was with me in a stronger way than I have experienced in years. 

Immediately I walked into Wil's windowless bathroom where he had already explained the light was out. He surmised the switch had a problem. But I looked at the fixture and thought it might be the lamp. I removed the cover, screwed in the lamp tighter..."and there WAS light." then felt as though I had just then been empowered, walking in a new "get it done" anointing. 

Today I took the bus back out here to our River of Joy site...or rather about a kilometer from it then walked in through falling hail. Now it is snowing huge flakes and I am sitting here in the new short sleave golf shirt I bought in California. Jet lag seemed to take me back a whole season!

About a half hour ago Tolik brought me the Lord's supper. His 30 something widowed sister, Irina, who is visiting us, repented yesterday! She has new joy...the joy of the Lord. Tolik said they sang and prayed until 2 AM this morning for the second day in a row. Mercy drops (or flakes) round us are falling! I just know we are on the edge of a great revival. 

Burulcha creek is a full river today and the River of Joy is a wild river.

Lena from Donetsk just called. She is going for an MRI then she plans to visit the cancer ward at a hospital at 6:30 tonight (4 hours from now) to pray for patients with cancer. She asked for supporting prayers...Lord make her an instrument of your grace to those suffering souls. Heal all she touches I pray.

Well, I had better publish thie BEFORE it becomes a book. Please jump on in to the river of JOY. Blog with me here.


  1. Wow! Praise the Lord for all the life that is running through ROJ. I am so glad that you started a blog. John and I look forward to reading your updates.

  2. Christine you are my first, "follower," on this Blog. Congratulations and welcome aboard. Hope you like the ride.