River of Joy base from the road

River of Joy base from the road
Picnic Patio goes to work

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome Visitors

This Spring/Summer perhaps the biggest project we finished was the
Beit Shalom (House of Peace) Guest Cabin. This cute little cabin is outfitted
as if it were a fine, howbeit small, hotel room to sleep one or two people.

The name came from a small "Shalom" plaque my friend Dr. Yuliya Vyaltseva brought us from Jerusalem. We have mounted it above the entry door. Our hope is that everyone who stays with us has a peaceful and joyful stay.   "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful." John 14:27

Before (when it was a woodshed)

Our first visitors at Beit Shalom were 
Rich and Sherrel Richmond of  Newport Oregon

Rich had done his share of yacht racing and was a successful real estate
broker with Sherrel's able assistance when God called them to Ukraine 14
years ago. They have now held dozens of children's camps and created many
other evangelistic events as, "The Least of These."

Their Mission statement is as follows:

Teaching children to associate unconditional love with Jesus Christ, so they will seek Him the rest of their lives.

In the beginning The Least of These ministry focused on orphaned children in Ukraine. About six years ago God called The Least of These to minister to the Tatar people in the Belogorsk Region in addition to the orphan children in Crimea.  Through evangelistic children's programs and camps we are reaching the lost and forgotten children for Christ.  We have successfully partnered with local churches, seminaries, and Bible schools enabling nationals to minister to nationals.

It seems fitting that the first children's camp other than our own River of Joy camp to be held at River of Joy in Crimea were the first to use Beit Shalom.

The Least of These was also the first camp to make use of
our new picnic area on the west side of River Road 6.

The Richmond's used the cabin for leadership huddles and morning prayer.
Perhaps the peace surrounding the cabin inspired them. The camp was successful
and the Richmond's gave the cabin a five star rating.

River of Joy Camp followed TLOT camp. It saw the arrival of Christine and Julia Reed. You might say they were acting as advance scouts for a huge family that we believe will be relocating from Beaumont California to Ukraine to serve with us at River of Joy Crimea. Of course Christine and Julia stayed at Beit Shalom.

Christine and John Reed were mother and father to six children
when they began adopting orphan children from Russia and Ukraine.
Now they have 15 children! To read more about the Reeds
visit this article in their home town newspaper.


After bringing in some nice gifts, playing with Sasha, the 18 year old orphan from Donetsk I plan to write about in my next post...who is here with me still, many questions, visits around the neighborhood and a quick visit to the coast, Christine and Julia had to leave us. We are looking forward with joy to future vsits and to meeting more of their awesome family.

Visit their Blog by clicking here: http://smilesandtrials.blogspot.com/
Christine, Julia and Alexander (Sasha)

The Reed family

The Beit Shalom guest cabin has a calling both to be a blessing and to bring people who are themselves a blessing in for a visit. We felt what I can only say was a tug on our heart from the Lord to invite a special lady of joy from Kherson. Natalia Safonova was to be our next Beit Shalom visitor though she didn't know it yet.

Natalia had called us several times.. She was always so up, so joyful she seemed to be a river of joy herself. We had just been through some personality struggles here and if God was calling her in to reverse that curse the timing was perfect.

Before I called her I spoke with a mutual friend and found out she could not even
afford train or bus fare. We got her agreement and sent ticket money North.

When Natalia walked into Beit Shalom she said she had found heaven. By the time she left ten days later her ministry to our local female believers had renewed our house church and the spiritual life of our group had made giant strides.

Natalia's own story holds the secret of her infectious joy. After the former Soviet Union fell the economy followed it down. Natalia's big apartment house was one of the victims. It got to be so run down it was to be torn down. Everyone was given another place to live except somehow Natalia was forgotten in the relocation. She became a street person. During her homelessness she was touched by the plight of the homeless. She got her documents in order finally and though she still does not have a real place to live, she has a shell of a room. When she meets other homeless people she had come to know she takes them in. Now her apartment shell is a home of the homeless. She sleeps five people in a tiny two room flat, two of them in her own room with her. Of course her food is almost constantly borscht or porridge and bread but she has a powerful ministry to the homeless. She has learned to know their spiritual, psychological and emotional needs first hand. God has given her extraordinary joy. During my week-long stay in the hospital she was my first to reply helper. I was not easy as I am not at all used to pain or sickness. She was ready to give it up several times but she hung in on God's instructions. She says God REALLY loves me. As I write this she is in the village visiting the ladies from our home church. She is back for her second stay at Beit Shalom. Soon she will leave to go back to Kharkov where she will go to court to get new living quarters
no doubt for her AND her homeless guests.


An amazing symbol of renewal came when we were having home church.
Galya, a sister who had repented during a series of  lessons in the
very room I now call home 8 years ago said she wanted to be
baptized. She had come in from a far away town, 
not really knowing why.

Suddenly we all knew why.

It is late in the season. Burulcha is running low
but clear. Galya has been obedient. Baptism is
a symbol of Christ's death, burial and resurrection. 
More than that it is a matter of obedience.
"Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' 
will enter the kingdom of heaven; 
but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven." 
Mathew 7:21 NASB
Our next visitor at Beit Shalom was Dr. Wilson Turner.
Wil is a former YWAM professor at School of the Nations
in Hawaii. He graduated MIT and worked for Hewlett Packard as 
an electrical engineer before that. Prior to coming to Ukraine
he lived in the wilds of Oregon. He is nearly 80 years old, 
the son of a pioneer family and is serving the Lord in Ukraine 
as an apologetic specialist lecturer in the scientific community.
That basically means he shows the scientific reasons
why evolution is not a reasonable explanation 
for our existence, but God is.

Wil was here looking at our problem with the well pump in the top well. 
His thought that the underwater well valve was stuck turned out to be right.
I am happy to say that I enjoyed a nice shower this morning
thanks to that diagnosis and to Sasha, the agile
18 year old who went down the well to press the
button that unstuck it.
Our next Beit Shalom resident was that 18 year old
who climbed down the well, 
Alexander (Sasha) Romanchenko.

Sasha is a remarkable young man. He was raised almost entirely in a Schola Internat. That is a Ukraine state-run orphan school. Children who graduate from such schools have the equivalent of a 6th grade education. Sasha and his younger brother and sister were born to alcoholic parents. They used to send the children begging for drinking money. Sasha became the care-giver to his two younger siblings early on. Eventually their parents got so abusive the three children ran away from home. Sasha remembers spending that winter in a zemlinika. That is an underground dugout shelter hiding place the children made to keep warm. They scrounged firewood and used a hollow log for a chimney.  Later they all were admitted into a Schola Internat. Sasha developed a dislike for the worldly lifestyle.
He went to church at a young lady's invitation. There he repented and learned more about our Savior's love. He is still a babe in Christ but he is enthusiastic and seems to be sincerely committed to the Lord.

During the first month of his stay at River of Joy
Beit Shalom guest cabin was busy.
Sasha slept in one of our simple tents. 

He slept well there.

Julia Reed pitched in from the beginning of her stay with us. 

Some old pipes we had laying around 
helped Sasha to build a horizontal bar for his workout.
He is quite an athlete. He can do tricks on the horizontal bar
that I didn't know existed. Later, on a mission to buy a part 
for our well pump, he rode a bike to Belogorsk,
20 hard kilometers from here, in just 40 minutes!

One very rainy Sunday Sasha decided to help
control the runoff. He used my jacket
as he worked...hard. He worked like an American! 

I have never seen anyone else here work so fast.

And the runoff was handled. Sasha got it done in record time in the rain. Now we have an underground drain pipe that takes runoff rain water down to the garden. during his time with us Sasha improved the path between buildings, built a cabinet for a propane tank, built a pretty cool dog house and ran many errands. In general he made himself useful.

Sasha also had a good time with Julia playing water games in the heat, swam in Burulcha creek, visited the top of our cliff, went to town and helped me shop for building material, in the process thoroughly enjoying himself, and visited Sudak with Christine and Julia and I...his first seaside visit. He began to chat with Rachel Reed on Skype, using Google translator (and my notebook). He bought an English learning course book and plans to concentrate on learning English now.

After the trip to Sudak Sasha wanted to go back to the sea.

Sasha checks out a Theodocia bas relief commemorating over 2500 years as
a Crimean port city. The Lord used this city to teach me how to be an effective missionary back in 1994...long story.

I don't know how strong Sasha's prayer life is but we were soon on our way to the sea again just as he wished.

Lena from Donetsk region (where Sasha hails from) called saying her church was doing a youth conference at Orgenikidza, a small beach town near Theodocia here in Crimea. She invited me and made it sound so attractive I thought it may even have something useful for me. I decided to go and take Sasha.

Sasha had a ball. He bought lots of souvenirs, went swimming in the sea every day. After a swim he brought me a medusa (jelly fish) to feel....yuk!  He was touched by the skits, messages and music at the youth conference. We stayed three days and two nights at a school being rented out for sleeping rooms. Of course that was too little time for Sasha but I had more than used up any money I had allocated to the excursion and was eager to get back home to a more comfortable bed. 

Then Sasha moved to the Beit Shalom guest cabin. He was honored.

Sasha has gone back to Donetsk on the train. Tomorrow he starts his second year at
cabinet makers technical school. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

River of Joy Camp ~ July 8 - 17, 2011 NEW EDIT

This year we followed the TLOT camp at ROJ. We had only a few days to get our
camp ready, but some of the tents we just left in place. The grounds were left clean
thanks to a attentive TLOT staff.

Our ROJ camp has focused on young school age children. This formula works well for
the Christian workers from Brilliance and Dnieperderzhinks who have come in to help
us for the past three years. .

Chief among our ROJ Camping staffers from up-country 
is camp Diretor Olga. She has a great sense of humor but takes the
camping ministry seriously. She learns new methods every year
and our camps keep getting better and better.

The theme this year was, "City of Light."  On the first night
the staff dressed up and took on the roll of city officials.
We had 30 children at ROJ Camp this year.
We had planned on 33 but...

The evening meeting is a time of presentations, skits, praise and worship and testimonies. 
The weather has been hot during the first few days of the camp, but the cooler evening air 
invigorates the meeting. It is popular with ROJ campers.

Avenir leads worship. Avinir is a Bulgarian who lives in Southern Moldova.
His family became refugees in Moldova during the second Balkan War
in 1913 when Turkey took much of the Bulgarian territory and
and the lives of Christians there were endangered.

At River of Joy camp life long friendships are established.

River of Joy is a place of peace where children of all ages can get alone with
their maker, all the while enjoying God's beautiful creation. Vlada here is actually
the niece of our camp director. She had behavior problems in the first camp this year
but she repented during the ROJ camp and she has changed considerably. 
Her aggressiveness has softened in the Savior's presence.

The children learn new things, like how much God loves them and
how to smile for a photo, something unusual for a Russian child. 

The boys got a full taste of God's love for them too. Smiles
got more frequent and friendships flourished.

We learned God's Word together and worked to
learn it better than the other team did. Learning together
and working together made it work in and for us.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Memories of our beginnings here.

Back when we bought this property, thanks to money sent us by Northern Ireland International Children's Charity appeal, the look of the grounds was quite different. Over the years, step-by-step we have been cleaning the place up. Malone College students helped us by removing 
that messy barn in the foreground of this photo. 

As we find more memories we will continue to edit this post, so stop back in
to see what else we had before we upgraded. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

back in the USSR!

I just got back from an adventuresome trip to Predniestrovia, the Moldovan break-off Republic
between Ukraine and the Dniester river. I visited my friend Marik Fashevsky where I enjoyed
the fellowship with his father Roman and the food preparations of his mother, Ludmila.

The whole trip was mostly about renewing my welcome n Ukraine, which wears out more frequently
now that Internal affairs has determined not to register the K (cultural) visa. Now I must leave Ukraine
every three months if I am to stay legal. Legal is a status my heavenly father wants for me so I gather
from the pages of Holy Writ (Titus 3:1,2). So as I told Roman and Marik I will be seeing them more frequently now. Perhaps the Lord will show me a way for this quarterly break to bear fruit for His kingdom.

I was nervous about this trip because it was my first with an unregistered  K visa and since customs and border police are part of Internal Affairs it could be that the same people that refused to register the visa in the first place might find some reason not to let me pass through the border control.

I was also having to leave between the end of the The Least of These children's camp and the River of Joy children's camp, using money for the trip I would rather use to serve the Lord as a servant of healing to Ukrainian children and their families. The ROJ camp begins on the 8th, just two days after my return from this whirlwind trip.

So on the last day of the TLOT camp I left for Simferopol. I had some nice fellowship with the COJCFG church family Sunday Morning in town, ate lunch with Mitaxia and Dr. Laura near church and caught the train to Odecca that afternoon with the help of Oleg Loboda. The next morning at 8:30 when I disembarked I asked the Dovidka (Information desk) when and where I could catch a bus to Tiraspol Predniestrovia. She said the soonest I could catch one would be at the central Bus Station at 1:35. I had to catch city bus 84 at the train station first though. I waited awhile to catch that bus, found central Bus station and went
in to buy a ticket.

The ticket agent told me I could catch the 9 AM bus! I looked at my watch. It was 8:55 AM! I bought a ticket, her last one for that bus, and got on just before the bus took off....AND BOY DID IT EVER TAKE OFF! The bus driver had a lead foot and his smaller bus had a stiff suspension. On the little chuck-hole ridden highway it was like a bucking bronco training session. I was in the far back center of the bus trying to keep my rear end on the seat. My attempt was far from successful. Maybe I should have awaited a later bus.

We filled out some standard Arrival / Departure cards on the bus. That can be a real challenge as you bounce off your seat at high speed.

On the Border
They did as they always have done at that border and called out the "Grazhdan America" (me) for special attention after our baggage had been scanned. I had to get off the bus and go into a tiny office and tell an older uniformed border guard what I was up to and why I was leaving Ukraine. I told him and he blessed me! I left feeling as though the prayers that have been offered for me about this trip are being well answered.

The Predniestrovia flag 
features the hammer and sickle symbol on a red field
with a green stripe across the middle. Christian ministries
are seemingly undisturbed there so what the symbol
really means remains a mystery to me.

One thing I enjoyed about Predestrovia the first time I visited her
villages is the way people decorate the gables
on their otherwise unassuming houses..

The owner of this house must have gotten a new scroll saw with his load of lumber

So the evening of July 4th I met Nikolai. He was interested in a spiritual 
conversation. We talked about such matters until Midnight. I had a nice rest 
and the morning of the fifth Marik took me to the Tiraspol bus station.
It was good to have him along as my grevna were no good for the fare.
he told me to assure my friends that he would be able to
receive them any time after July 26th when his
current guests will have left.

At the Border Again
As we approached the border I had my departure paper all ready to go
and saved back my Ukrainian Arrival/Departure slips for the Ukraine side.
I was called out and went to see what the Moldovan customss wanted. They told me there
was a problem because my Moldovan entry visa had not been registered. I told them
that Marik had assured me that if I did not stay in the country 24 hours I did not 
need to get registered. They tried to frighten me. Told me that the 24 hours
"Sutki" starts and stops at 12 midnight. I asked them, "What should I do?" One said.
"go back!" I said. "That does not work for me as I have a train ticket bought
from Odecca to Simferopol. If I go back I could miss the train. I said Marik 
had lots of experience bringing in people. I wanted to register my visa but 
he said it is not necessary. I asked if the 12 o'clock change is something new.

They asked me my business in Predniestrovia. I told them of my work
with Ukrainian kids and of Mariks similar work. They said, "It is a good thing you
are doing. just leave a little gift for coffee for our boss and you can go." I laid down 
200 grevna. Later I texted Marik and he was saddened by this.

On the Ukrainian side there was no call out! My visa was processed with the rest. 
They did throw me a curve of sorts however. They stamped my departure slip rather 
than my passport with the visa stamp.

Anyway, I am now good for another 3 months.

...and the work goes on.
Love & Blessings,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The "BIG STORM" Day ~ "a little child shall lead them"

Yesterday we were to have had a huge storm. I had earlier scheduled 
in a few builders to help me fix a few details, but the weatherman here 
was telling us to expect a BIG STORM. We had been getting some 
rain every day all week, The day was to have put a real capper on 
the week's weather, and not exactly what we
wanted for a tent camp. 

I cancelled the work day. 

The day turned out ... P E R F E C T L Y  ! ! !  
A few cloud flotillas sailed by in a deep blue sky, warmish but not hot. 

Just delightful.

Someone must have prayed about the weather.

The children at TLOT camp were off to the mountain on a happy excursion.
I decided to go part way with them, then break off and go visit a Tatar who
had told me he had some riverside property for sale one day when 
he was delivering potatoes from his garden to us.

Along our road I had fun running ahead and then catching their action
as they marched singing up the little dirt road I walk down often
to the bus stop or to our little country grocery store.

But then came a fork in the road and the trail that leads to our cliff and other
heights broke off left. The children started up the trail. I started to go the
other way but my little friend Ivan grabbed my hand and pulled me along.
It seemed like a 'God thing' so I didn't resist.

"...and a little child shall lead them. " 
Isaiah 11:6b

I put off my real estate talk and began to muse on some of the
Biblical passages that mention children.

                      For ye were sometimes darkness, 
                                               but now are ye light in the Lord: 
                                                                       walk as children of light: 
                                                              Ephesians 5:8

Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; 
Ephesians 5:1  

  For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, 
that we may be also glorified together. Romans 8:15-17

The Holy Scriptures mention child or children over 1500 times! 
Children must be very important to Father God.

Today it sprinkled. The children took another hike anyway.

Love and Blessings in Christ,

 Jesus, however, said, 
"Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away.                                                         
For the kingdom of heaven belongs to people like these." 
Matthew 19:14 ISV

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We had some winds blow us about this week. Wind is a blessing or a problem depending upon its direction, its force and our preparedness for it. The rushing mighty wind of the Holy Spirit drove the early ekklesia forward with supernatural power. For most it was a great blessing, but for Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) business as usual cost them their lives. When the wind of revival blows, the Spirit born and led are moved, but those who are playing at faith are buried by their own hypocrisy.

This is the largest sleeping tent used this week. It sleeps nine girls.

Saint Paul's voyages across the Mediterranean sometimes met with contrary winds like Euroclydon (the East wind) which came with force and drove the sailing vessel along or forced a run to safe harbor. A wind that God hurled over the sea (Jonah 1:4) forced Jonah to stop snoring and abandon ship for less comfortable transport. But Jesus, who also liked to sleep in boats, when He was awakened by his frightened disciples, just commanded the wind to stop. Tt did. I prefer Jesus' way of dealing with wind issues. I would rather sail than bail to live in a whale of a jail. But Jesus always did what the Father wanted. Jonah was a rebel.
When he was unceremoniously washed up on shore, something smelled fishy about the rebellious prophet.

More girls tents. Guess they left for breakfast in a hurry!

This week winds brought rain and even hail at one point! It made for some wet picnics now and again. We had a series of wind generated power failures that day. A patio umbrella flew into a lamp post and the lamp post was brought down. Later everything was repaired. We learned a few things about preparedness.

The brightly colored "4 man" tents to the right are the ones I bought last week to replace
the ones that were stolen. They actually only sleep three. A 4 man rating may be about Asian sized people.

The tent of meeting is an old Soviet Army Tent. We are praying for a nice
modern one like the ones the Norwegians gave Krasno Armiesk church for
village evangelism. Well, at least this one is not likely to be stolen.

Other catastrophes were more about the modern way of manufacturing for planned obsolescence. I already wrote about the gas regulator failure after less than three years of service.  We had a door hardware failure after two days, and honored guests locked in their room as though prisoners. Praise the Lord we were able to release the guests and after an unsuccessful repair that repeated the embarrassment we found the man who sold us the door hardware was willing to replace it at no charge. The regulator replacement only ran about $5. But with gas prices so high, taxi fare to town and back was the big expense ($20),. OK, some days I wait for a bus for hours and only pay $1.50 - $3 RT. I honestly believe one purpose for which God created Ukraine was to teach us patience. Experience is the toughest teacher. She gives the tests first and the lessons afterwards.   Love & Blessings, David

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Getting ready for camping season this year was a challenge beyond imagination. Thank the Lord we had an involved building crew who worked up until the first day of camp, waiting weeks for their paychecks without complaint. "The Least of These" Camp started at 1 PM on the 23rd and that is exactly when we had the site ready (except for the balustrade and the water feature... art came after function as we raced to finish.

The first mid-day meal (obed). Borscht on the menu. 44 children and 18 councilors were well shaded by the new ROJ 3 meter by 4 meter umbrellas which God had lead me to JIT.

This first meal was prepared on backup. 

We had a gas explosion as the propane tank regulator was not doing
its job, This was to be only its third year of use! They just don't make 'em like they used to.  The little street stove was toasting in the middle of a dangerous fire! I ran for the new hose and hosed down the tank. Vitali, who heads up TLOT in Ukraine, encircled the garage to turn off the gas. Later Vitali drove Rich Richmond and me to buy a new gas & electric combo stove/oven.  It was a long search through three stores. Not one had what we wanted. We started talking about alternative solutions. Not giving up I called Ibrahim, a wheeler/dealer Crimean Tatar who knows Belogorsk well. He sent us to "Garant," and we bought the stove we wanted there for cheaper than we had seen less desirable units elsewhere...seems to be a pretty good one even if it was made in Turkey. Rich has some gas stove experience so with his help we installed it. TLOT also chipped in for most of the cost! THANK YOU LORD! I ran back to town in a cab for a new gas regulator (which we finally figured out was the problem) while Rich and Vitali rejoined the children and before the evening meal we had a working unit going in our archway/veranda. Now you're cookin' with gas (and electricity).

They called this a four burner stove top, just imagine!
Think we could get by with a smaller unit? 

Marina stirs the chicken soup. It was very good with 
a thick slice of homemade bread.

This, "roughing it,"is almost more than I can take.

In our previous Blogs you may seen pics of this former woodshed
during reconstruction. It is at last finished. with a huge picture window 
and just the right furniture from Northern Ireland Children's Charity Appeal, 
added to mission tile and river rock, it got a five star rating from our first guests.
Amazingly we were able to accomplish this with only about $6000.

The Beit Shalom (House of Peace) Guest Cabin derives its
name from this recent gift from Dr. Yuliya Vyaltseva. She bought this
tile in Jerusalem. We hope guests who stay at Beit Shalom
will experience the peace of God and remember to
pray for the peace of Jerusalem when they see
this message tile over the entry door.

The new picnic patio is lit by three small,street lights.
It is nice having tea here on cool summer nights
Land fill for it came from our water feature excavation and three 
loads of river gravel brought in by local boys with an old Soviet Army vehicle. 
The patio is functional but not finished. It is missing a balustrade,
flagstone paving  to be laid in sand above the present white 
gravel layer and steps to a barbeque that we plan to build down left.   

Getting this all done in the time we had after money arrived was not done at the normal Ukrainian pace.
I worked until 11 painting one night. The next day I saw the guys working at an increased pace themselves.
We are disappointed in one old friend here who said he could get the insulation work done and houses painted before camp but did not do it, so we still have some gray walls that haven't got finish plaster on them yet. Still we have seen the hand of the Lord leading us to materials and people throughout the process of this phase of building. Next steps in our building plan include the first family children's house!

I want to give thanks to our Lord for His wonderful guidance and providence 
during this time of testing. I saw His hand at work in providing transport 
when I thought I was left alone by the side of the road, and in the fun ways 
He lead me to the furniture and materials we needed to make this happen. 
Thanks too to our friends who put up with a sometimes grouchy
 old missionary and for their own efforts that helped 
make this part of our vision come to pass.

Thanks to Judy Martin and our other friends 
in Northern Virginia who raised money and got it to us, 
to my loving, gracious and generous mother Ruth Marion, 
to John and Christine Reed and family who may be joining 
us soon here and gave generously, to all of you who helped 
to the  full extent God lead you to. 
Thanks to Rich and Sherrell Richmond and, 
"The Least of These," staffers, 
who have been great first time guests that make 
our inadequacies their clue to be of help.. 

Next Blog should be more about camp and the people
doing camp here now.

Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths
Proverbs 3:5,6

Maranatha (Hang in there!) David