River of Joy base from the road

River of Joy base from the road
Picnic Patio goes to work

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We had some winds blow us about this week. Wind is a blessing or a problem depending upon its direction, its force and our preparedness for it. The rushing mighty wind of the Holy Spirit drove the early ekklesia forward with supernatural power. For most it was a great blessing, but for Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) business as usual cost them their lives. When the wind of revival blows, the Spirit born and led are moved, but those who are playing at faith are buried by their own hypocrisy.

This is the largest sleeping tent used this week. It sleeps nine girls.

Saint Paul's voyages across the Mediterranean sometimes met with contrary winds like Euroclydon (the East wind) which came with force and drove the sailing vessel along or forced a run to safe harbor. A wind that God hurled over the sea (Jonah 1:4) forced Jonah to stop snoring and abandon ship for less comfortable transport. But Jesus, who also liked to sleep in boats, when He was awakened by his frightened disciples, just commanded the wind to stop. Tt did. I prefer Jesus' way of dealing with wind issues. I would rather sail than bail to live in a whale of a jail. But Jesus always did what the Father wanted. Jonah was a rebel.
When he was unceremoniously washed up on shore, something smelled fishy about the rebellious prophet.

More girls tents. Guess they left for breakfast in a hurry!

This week winds brought rain and even hail at one point! It made for some wet picnics now and again. We had a series of wind generated power failures that day. A patio umbrella flew into a lamp post and the lamp post was brought down. Later everything was repaired. We learned a few things about preparedness.

The brightly colored "4 man" tents to the right are the ones I bought last week to replace
the ones that were stolen. They actually only sleep three. A 4 man rating may be about Asian sized people.

The tent of meeting is an old Soviet Army Tent. We are praying for a nice
modern one like the ones the Norwegians gave Krasno Armiesk church for
village evangelism. Well, at least this one is not likely to be stolen.

Other catastrophes were more about the modern way of manufacturing for planned obsolescence. I already wrote about the gas regulator failure after less than three years of service.  We had a door hardware failure after two days, and honored guests locked in their room as though prisoners. Praise the Lord we were able to release the guests and after an unsuccessful repair that repeated the embarrassment we found the man who sold us the door hardware was willing to replace it at no charge. The regulator replacement only ran about $5. But with gas prices so high, taxi fare to town and back was the big expense ($20),. OK, some days I wait for a bus for hours and only pay $1.50 - $3 RT. I honestly believe one purpose for which God created Ukraine was to teach us patience. Experience is the toughest teacher. She gives the tests first and the lessons afterwards.   Love & Blessings, David

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