River of Joy base from the road

River of Joy base from the road
Picnic Patio goes to work

Saturday, August 25, 2012



Ready? Here it is.
"if My people who are called by My name 
will humble themselves, and pray 
and seek My face, 
and turn from their wicked ways, 
then I will hear from heaven, 
and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 
2 Chronicles 7:14

I have now learned that commanding God is prideful even if it works. Thinking on the sad results of pride I have been meditating on that verse. I believe it is the real key to the end of our drought. EVEN TO ADMIT WE NEED PRAYER CAN BE HUMBLING. Humbler still when we actually pray.
                               Speaking of which...

Here Sasha is priming the pump...to no good effect.
we have just a few gallons left in the water tank
up the hill from the wash house.

So lets bow the knee. Time to stop being so pridefully independent.
We are in fact dependent on the Lord, and the other members of
our Lord's extended body.

So the top well is not giving us water at all now.
I know we need to drill this well deeper.
But did not realize what a high priority that is.

There is one more well however. We get water in the kitchen
and connected restroom from the bottom well. It is down near Burulcka
creek which, as I showed you, has stopped flowing now.

Three days ago that bottom well stopped working too!
The water level had dropped below the end of the intake pipe.
I am praying for rain several times a day now.

We bought a pipe extension to reach into the foot deep pool of water in the bottom of the well.

Sasha climbs down a simple ladder borrowed from our roof build. He works hard to turn the
fitting that holds the stop return valve that keeps the water in the pipe from flowing back down into
the well. After several minutes it still doesn't turn. I go get my dad's legacy, old but good channel lock pliers to help hold the pipe steady. Sasha's efforts look as though he may break the plastic pipe. I am praying hard.

At last it turned. Whew!!! We clean the valve and install the pipe extension with our new makeshift filter.

Sergei turns on the garden faucet and washes his hands 
in the precious water, murky, yes but wet.

This morning I washed my hands with this water and made coffee with it too. 

But...there is so little of it now.

Please remember 2 Chronicles 7:14

I just noticed an important word in that verse.

IF <What a word. It is our main prayer
problem is it not? We make time for so many other things 
it has stopped being WHEN we pray, but IF we pray. 

In that verse I find three important \items for prayer.
1) Humble myself and pray (without ceasing).
2) Seek the Lord's face (not just His hand).
3) Turn from my wicked ways (repent).

The promised results are well worth the effort.



The roof is now adequately covered for rain!

This side is completely covered. The other side has
large wave asbestos/cement underlay panels on it
ready for tiles, which will be laid on starting Monday.
so now we can handle all but the heaviest downpours. 

But just look at that sky!

We had a small shortage of the antique mission tiles
until late last week when Anatoli found a pile the owner would 
let go for 1.5 grevna per tile.

They were among the dirtiest I have seen.

We have been wearing out wire brushes washing them
But we are laying about 14 square meters a day.

These tiles remind us of our humanity. They are made of
common clay even as God made the first man, 
formed on the knee where we need
to be spending time... and baptized to be presentable.

This ROJ Foundation owned house needs new electric wiring,
new ceilings, at least three new windows,
and stucco to give the short list.

I am tapping my credit cards for money.
God will warm more hearts for this project.
But until that happens I am investing in it.
Will you?
See the donate address here.

Meanwhile. LOOK OUT America

Coming back for a visa renewal.
God sent me a new friend to help make that happen.
More later

Love & Blessings
in Yashua,
David Gerry Hallowell

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